This is a great Ted Talk and I think I will leave it at this…



2 thoughts on “Childish

  1. Nadia says:

    It is unbelievably great and amazing. I have been enjoyed watching TED talk for many years but never watched a kids talk. She is very talented and charismatic. I believe her talk may inspire other kids to start keeping a journal and reading more historical books. I am now wondering how I can bring up my niece to be smart like her. I believe her parents are dedicated and supportive. I learn a lot from her and would lend my ear to any children. I agree with her that being called ‘childish’ should be banned when we talk about any creative thinking and imagination that kids made. Kids should be allowed to dream about perfection. Since some adults cannot do such a big thing, they may end up with telling their kids that it is impossible. This remark reminded me of my most favorite scene in the movie, “ Pursuit of Happyness” when the father taught his kid to protect his dream from any challenges. I also love when she talked about ‘trust’ and the parents should not underestimate their kids.

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