First blog post

Hello world! I have never done the blogging thing and I have to admit I follow very few. I tend to randomly read blogs but then return to those I enjoyed. I find myself drawn to anything about living naturally, eating better, education and technology to name a few. Enjoy this blog and maybe you will return as well.

My job is to help faculty create engaging learning environments using technology. Our technology allows them to participate, test and answer questions while sharing real time feedback that faculty can use to enhance the short amount of class time provided.

Clickers and our Responseware (responding via mobile device) are only one of the technologies I see on campus along with screen capture, different testing modes, evolving learning management systems and the growing use of online and distance education options.

What I don’t see are more engaged students. I see them on their phone, listening to music and talking during class.

One faculty member at University of Arizona told me about a study where students were proven to be more distracted and receive lower grades if they sit in the back, lets all move to the front row! Here is an example of such study:

In another conversation with a Captain/Instructor of ROTC in Southern Utah, I was told they are taught that if they can’t be engaging enough for students to keep their eyes off their phones then they aren’t doing their job right. That seemed extreme since today students and most people are attached to our electronic devices but either way it may be the right approach, so how does education become engaging again? Please share your thoughts….

Also, what about those that are just starting the world of school and engagement to them is something very different then it was for us? Check out the next post!



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