My Kids

At home I have a reader and a pre reader but they are also two very smart little people who know more about mindcraft and youtube videos then I ever will. At school they learn using computers, chrome books, projectors, iPads and iPods. They are using technology ALL THE TIME but are they engaged or turning into Minecraft zombies from too much screen time?

I learn every day from them and I hope sometimes they learn from me.

I also realize that even though they are in school from 9-3 there is so much more learning that goes on at home and its my job to make sure that time away from school is quality time. I think our time needs to be well spent on being a kid and knowing the good stuff. So we travel, try new things, bike ride, swim, play games, read and read and read. What are your thoughts on too much screen time? Will that change how they learn when they get to high school, college, a real job? Here is what the mayo clinic says about screen time but what about the ability to be engaged later down the line? Anyone?



2 thoughts on “My Kids

  1. Librarian Monique says:

    Hi, Billie:

    I can’t agree more with ensuring that children who are now growing up in such a technology-infused world need to have that well-rounded and balanced life (screen time and outdoor time). It always amazes me how my young son can navigate around a tablet and, generally, interact with touch screen devices. Things sometimes seem almost second-nature to him but we always try and make sure to expose him to the world on the other side of the screen. He’s very active in sports and preschool art classes too. Very similar to the Mayo Clinic article you linked, we do limit our children on what they can watch (has to be educational such a phonics videos and enriching) and we limit the length of time. A long while ago, I recall a news spotlight that some elementary schools are starting to teach intensive cursive writing because they find that students in the older grades do not even know how to sign their names in cursive and are used to typing it in. Another part of that dilemma is that many people pay for things online swipe their credit/debit cards and never have to sign their names or sign a check. I think having those basic skills are always great to have and develop in addition to expanding technology skills of children.


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