Now what

There are many frightening articles such as this one about the negative effects of development on children using technology. What about negative effects in college? What about in the work force.

Are we all cooked and don’t need to worry about our own development just kids in this over digitalized world we live in? OR should we think about the benefits, new jobs and new technologies that will come from children being so use to technology.

My kids don’t understand why they can’t always see the face of the person they are talking to on the phone. They want that interaction not less interaction due to technology. While many adults prefer to text instead of picking up the phone. See my youngest below, he was shocked that people use to stand in a booth attached to a chord to talk to someone they couldn’t see.

Maybe our kids got it right and using technology to see each other more versus less could be a blessing. Here my kids are playing in the same “world” on different devices while in the same room. They are discussing, arguing and helping each other, seems like a win win, thoughts?

Here is another blog showing some positive outcomes:

5 Positive Effects Technology Has on Teaching & Learning




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