playground talk

Yesterday was like a Friday (today is Veterans day) so many moms and dads stayed on the playground late into the evening talking while the kids ran wild. I got into a discussion about should we encourage kids into vocations at an earlier age as they do in some countries, should we push them where they have natural talents and stop trying to get them all to certain “levels” in all areas.

Then we started talking about how even parents have to compete with technology for their child’s attention. All the same topics I see in higher ed coming from faculty are also coming from grade school teachers and parents.

I then saw two neat articles posted on linked in. One is about getting rid of the traditional lecture hall type classes in exchange for the flipped classroom and more active learning.

Then on the same day I read an article about the end of text books and how publishing industry is really doing poorly. It seems the books and the lecture style teaching are both struggling, could it be that we are just more focused on outcomes and realize the traditional ways may not be the best…

The Great Unbundling of Textbook Publishers

Read them and let me know what you think!





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